Harley Davidson Maintenance

Harley Davidson Maintenance

Like other motorcycles on the road, Harley-Davidson bikes require maintenance occasionally to keep them performing at their best. Pfaff Harley-Davidson is a Harley-Davidson dealer serving Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan, Ontario, with a service centre onsite for motorcycles. 

We’ve put together this page to cover some of the basic Harley-Davidson maintenance intervals and how our service centre can care for your motorcycle. Our team is here if you have any questions about your specific model. 

Harley-Davidson Maintenance Intervals

Whether you have a Harley-Davidson Sportster or a Pan America, your motorcycle will need routine maintenance to keep it running for many years. These routine services also keep you safe while you drive. 

Each motorcycle has specific service intervals; you can find those in your motorcycle’s manual. Many of our Harley-Davidson motorcycles have similar service intervals, and we’ll cover them right here. 

Every Maintenance Interval

A few services will happen at every maintenance interval. These routine services include:

  1. Engine oil and filter change
  2. Electrical equipment inspection
  3. Front tire inspection
  4. Clutch cable adjustment and lubrication

1,600 Kilometres

1,600 km is your first maintenance interval. Our technicians will tighten the hand control and clutch lever housing screws during this maintenance visit. We will also perform all the services mentioned above. 

8,000 Kilometres

The next service interval is at 8,000 km. Our team will change your air filter and clean your radiators at this interval. We’ll also road test your motorcycle to ensure it functions correctly. 

24,000 Kilometres

At the 24,000 km service interval, our team will inspect windshield bushings if you have them equipped. We’ll also replace your primary chain case lubricant and tighten your rear axle nut. 

40,000 Kilometres

When your motorcycle arrives for its 40,000 km service interval, our team will lubricate steering head bearings and jiffy stand and inspect your oil and brake lines.

If you have any questions about your Harley-Davidson’s maintenance needs, contact our service centre. 

Service and Parts Centre

When a maintenance interval approaches, our service centre can give your motorcycle the service it needs. We have trained Harley-Davidson technicians on staff with the techniques and tools to service your motorcycle properly. Harley-Davidson Certified Technicians have put in over 400 hours of training towards learning the mechanics of your motorcycle. 

Our Express Lane™ Service is available if you need basic services, such as:

  • Tire replacements
  • Brake system flushes
  • Oil changes

In about an hour, we’ll complete one of our basic maintenance services, so you can return to your day.

Whether you use our Express Lane™ Service or standards service bays, our team will use genuine Harley-Davidson parts. These parts fit into your Harley-Davidson well and maintain your motorcycle's originality. Our parts centre also offers upgrade kits and other parts to customize your motorcycle. 

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment for Your Harley-Davidson Today

Are you approaching a maintenance interval for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Pfaff Harley Davidson’s service centre can take care of your motorcycle and efficiently get you back on the road. We look forward to servicing motorcycles across Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan, ON. 

Scheduling service is easy. Fill out our online form or call us today. 

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