Request a Limited Contact Service Appointment

Request a Limited Contact Service Appointment

Pfaff Harley-Davidson is pleased to offer service appointments that minimize physical interaction or contact during this challenging time.

How does a limited-contact appointment work?

* When you arrive at the dealership, please call 905-709-1340
* A Service Consultant, wearing personal protective equipment for added safety, will meet you at your bike to check your bike in.
* Once this is complete, the Service Consultant will call your mobile number to walk through your appointment details and to finalize your paperwork
* We will forego a signature on the work order, but your Service Consultant will note the time, date, and your authorization
* If you have arranged alternative transportation, (i.e., someone giving you a ride) we ask that you move to their vehicle, leaving your keys with your bike

While you are away:

* We will disinfect of your bike (please note: this is not a detail)
* Our technicians will perform your requested service(s)
* We will re-disinfect your bike and advise you that it is ready for pickup

When you arrive back at the dealership:

* give us a call when you’ve arrived at 905-709-1340
* We will bring out your fully disinfected keys, paperwork, and credit card machine, so you can receive your vehicle with minimal interaction
* Your advisor will be available to answer all your questions and review your paperwork by phone; we also offer mobile payment and TD Merchant portals, which allow you to pay over the phone
* Your invoice will be sent electronically

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