Where can I test ride the Harley-Davidson® Steet 500® motorcycle


Where can I test ride the Harley-Davidson® Street 500® Motorcycle

Take on the urban grid with 500cc of easy-handling, blacked-out

Harley-Davidson® Dark Custom style. The Harley-Davidson® Street 500® motorcycle is available for a test ride at our Pfaff Harley-Davidson® dealership today! This quality Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is something to behold! Vaughan residents can find a massive selection of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles at our dealership. In this article, we will focus on some of the features of the Street 500® motorcycle! 

500cc liquid-cooled engine

The blacked-out, liquid-cooled V-Twin engine is built to conquer the hot and heavy traffic of urban streets. You can count on smooth response to the progressive throttle when you want to get through any hole that opens up in front of you.

Optional anti-lock brakes 

The sophisticated, factory-installed ABS gives you confidence in the saddle knowing your bike's going to behave when you need it. 

Light lift off force

Lifting it up off the side stand is easy, thanks to its low weight and low center of gravity. It makes pulling out from the curb feel as effortless as putting your thumb to the starter button. 

Low seat height 

The seat height is just 28-inches. And the frame and seat are narrow, which makes for an even easier reach. The advantages of a low seat also shine when the light turns green. It gives you a low center of gravity for confidence when you’re negotiating traffic, just rolling slowly through a parking lot looking for a spot.

Specially tuned shocks 

Specifically tuned and dialed in for the weight of the bike, the geometry of the frame, and the position of the rider. You’ll experience a smooth ride and excellent handling when you encounter rough urban pavement.

Dark, aggressive, custom look! 

Sports an all-black two-into-one exhaust, black cast aluminum wheels, blacked-out front end with a café inspired speed screen, and a chrome medallion made of steel on the fuel tank.

The Pfaff Advantage

You should expect exceptional performance from an exceptional motorcycle, why should your dealer be any different? The most desirable motorcycles in our inventory, ready to ride away, today. We’re ready to deliver the motorcycle of your dreams, now. Are you ready to ride it home?

For more information about where you can test ride the Harley-Davidson® Street 500® motorcycle, a visit to our Pfaff Harley-Davidson® dealership is just what the doctor ordered! Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test ride, or to speak with a representative.