Test ride a 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide®


Test ride a 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide®

There’s a wide-open world to experience out there. Harley-Davidson® has been building motorcycles to help you discover it in the most epic way possible since they invented the fully dressed touring machine in the 1960’s. Entire continents; and all the mountain ranges, canyons, glaciers, small towns, deserts, cities, roadside attractions, adventures, and the stories they contain; are yours for the taking in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson® Touring machine. no one builds them better. For those Vaughan customers looking for a high-end Harley-Davidson® touring bike, then the 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® motorcycle could be the right fit for you! To find features of this motorcycle, simply schedule your test ride in the 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® on our website today, or continue reading this blog by Pfaff Harley-Davbidson®

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The Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine is a powerful, smooth-running engine with crisp throttle response and a pure, soul-satisfying rumble. 

Harley-Davidson® Connect 

With subscription-based cellular connectivity, you can connect to your bike through your smartphone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson® App. Check your bike's vitals including fuel level, get tamper alerts and stolen-vehicle tracking, and more.

Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System

An evolved interface experience that offers a contemporary look, feel and function, with exceptional durability and features designed specifically for motorcycling. Every element is optimized to enhance the rider’s interaction with the bike and connectivity with the world.

(Optional) Reflex Defensive Rider Systems

A new collection of technologies that help give you confidence and control in less-than-ideal situations. The systems utilize advanced chassis control, electronic brake control and powertrain technology to assist you with accelerating and braking in a straight line or while in a turn.

Why Buy From Pfaff?

The Pfaff difference is all about selling you a motorcycle the way you want to buy it. We’re no longer operating with old-school sales tactics where different customers get different deals.

With upfront pricing, you won’t have to negotiate. We won’t add any additional fees to your deal. If you have a vehicle to trade, we will give you a written offer with no obligation to buy any of ours. And you can’t buy the wrong bike with our exchange policy. Visit us today to experience the Pfaff difference. 

You can read about the features of the 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® motorcycle all you want, but the only true way to experience this premium quality machine is to take it for a test ride! Schedule your test ride on a 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® on our website today! Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test ride, or to speak with a representative.