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Road Glide vs Indian Challenger

The Road Glide has been among the most popular baggers for years, but now, a new challenger has stepped up to the plate. In a battle between these two bikes, which will come out on top: the 2022 Road Glide or the Indian Challenger?

At Pfaff Harley-Davidson, we’re covering this competition for Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan, Ontario, motorcycle enthusiasts. See how these bikes compare and choose your next new ride with a little help from us.

Road Glide

Indian Challenger


Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 V-Twin

PowerPlus Liquid-Cooled V-Twin


Frame Mounted

Frame Mounted

Factory Paint Options



Motorcycle Style, Fit & Finish

This is a category where the bike that has been around the longest has the advantage, and that would be the Road Glide. This Harley-Davidson has had more time to perfect its style, with lines that run seamlessly and harmoniously from front to rear.

It’s certainly an understated look. However, the features feel more “right-sized” than those on the Indian Challenger, which sports a top-heavy appearance, thanks to its oversized fairing. The openness of the frame around the Road Glide’s engine feels more traditional and appealing than the Challenger’s densely packed chassis.

The paint on both bikes looks beautiful, but the Challenger is limited to just two factory paint colours, Black Metallic and Titanium Smoke. With the Road Glide, you can choose from three stunning shades, including a more vibrant blue:

  • Vivid Black
  • Reef Blue
  • White Sand Pearl

Road Glide vs Challenger Performance

The battle for road dominance comes down to engines. In the case of the Road Glide and Indian Challenger, it’s a battle between two V-Twin powertrains—just what you think of when you think “bagger.” 

The engine in the Road Glide comes from a long line of air-cooled 45° V-Twins that Harley-Davidson motorcycles have used for more than 100 years. The Indian Challenger opts for newer technology with a liquid-cooled powertrain, but both engines are thoroughly modern.

Handling should feel similar on these bikes because lean angle is the same (31°, but 29° on the Road Glide’s left side due to the primary drive) and the rake angle is close (26° on the Road Glide and 25° on the Indian Challenger). 

The Road Glide in particular has been noted for its smooth, soul-satisfying performance—a performance that feels anything but mechanical. 

Road Glide vs Indian Challenger: Which Is Better?

So, which of these baggers brings more to your road adventure? While the Road Glide and Indian Challenger are competitive in different areas, we can say without a doubt that riders looking for a more classic look will find a lot to love in the style and fit of the Road Glide.

Before you decide, take the Road Glide out for a test ride. We invite Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan, ON, riders to book a visit at Pfaff Harley-Davidson and take this Grand American Touring bike for a spin.

Get a feel for the Pfaff Difference at our dealership and simplify your shopping experience.

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