The Pfaff Difference

What makes buying from Pfaff different? We strive to build relationships, not just sales, with every one of our customers. That means fostering an environment of trust—a place where you can feel confident and comfortable as you shop for your new or pre-owned motorcycle.

Here’s what our customers can expect when they choose Pfaff Harley-Davidson for their business.

Our Best Price First

No one likes to haggle over prices, and no one wants to feel like they haven’t gotten the best price possible because they weren’t “aggressive” enough. At Pfaff, we solve that problem by giving you our best price first on every new and pre-owned motorcycle.

Our fair market prices are competitive, and our assurance allows you to rest easy and feel confident in your shopping experience. You shouldn’t have to work to get the best price possible.

No Hidden Fees

Price not what you were expecting? Never at Pfaff. We make sure every fee is clear from the start, so you’re not hit with hidden costs when you get that final payment agreement.

No Being Passed From Associate to Associate 

Save time as you shop for a motorcycle and build a relationship with just one salesperson. You’ll only be working with one person throughout the shopping experience. We’ll never move you from associate to associate.

When you work with just one agent, you have a confidant you can trust and who can advocate on your behalf. You can feel safe bringing up any concerns you have with them, and they won’t get lost in the ether as you move through your sales experience.

Shop Online 24/7

The days of having to go into the dealership to shop are gone. Sure, you can always come by our brick-and-mortar showroom for a closer look—and of course, a test ride on that new bike—but, if it’s more convenient for you, feel free to shop online anytime, day or night.

You can get started online and finish at the dealership or complete the full experience online. Take time to browse our inventory, choose a motorcycle, and get our best pricing and customize your payments. All of it, from start to finish, can be completed right here on our website.

Shop wherever you want, whenever you want. Feel free to pause and come back later to finish up your purchase.

Feel the Pfaff Difference for yourself

Does Pfaff feel different already? Find out why so many turn to our showroom when they shop for their new or pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Work with Pfaff Harley-Davidson and feel the Pfaff Difference for yourself.

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