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Sportster® Customization

Sportster Customization Tips from Pfaff Harley-Davidson®

Harley-Davidson® Sportster® motorcycles are a balanced combination of the classic American style you know and love and the sheer sports power of a bike tuned for speed and performance. With sturdy frames and advanced braking systems, Harley Sportsters are hard to beat, and that’s not even considering the level of customization possible with an intrepid owner. Aftermarket options are almost limitless when you consider the combination of upgrade kits, accessories, and riding gear available.

Here at Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, we know Sportster owners are after the fun of a thrilling ride, and while any Sportster is going to fly high right off the factory line, there’s always a little something that can be done to enhance performance, rideability, or style.

We’ve put together this short guide to some of the awesome Sportster customizations available at our Richmond Hill, Ontario location. Read on and if you have more questions, or just want to check out some great new and used Harley Sportsters for yourself, head into our showroom.

Performance Upgrades

The Screamin’ Eagle® brand of genuine Harley parts and upgrades have some of the best options for upping your Sportster performance to the next level. With the Buckshot Exhaust, which comes in chrome, nickel, or flat black styling, and Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner Kit, you’ll have forward-facing exposed elements that increase air flow so your engine can pump harder and faster. And if you want to squeeze every bit of power out of your Sportster, try out the Big Bore Cylinder upgrade kit to up the torque and horsepower. Or lower the bike with a Two-Up Profile Low Rear Shock kit and experience a close-to-the-road look and feel. A Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork kit has a similar effect with added handling performance.

Size Modification

It’s a whole lot easier to adjust seating and handlebars than to find the perfect bike already shaped to fit your individual body size and shape. Tall riders might feel strain in their knees and neck from hunching over, while shorter riders might not be able to comfortably reach controls. There are solutions for both problems! The Tallboy® seat gives extra arm and leg movement for those with longer limbs. Throw in Tallboy® Handlebars for improved posture and round things out with extended foot pegs for even more comfort. Get closer with the Super Reduced Reach forward position seat, which gives riders with shorter inseam an easier time with reaching the controls and brings the legs closer together.

Style Upgrades

Sometimes we just want our bikes to look cooler than they already do, perhaps with a slight accent in paint or accessories. When it comes to riding comfortably, focusing on your seat is the right idea. If you haven’t already picked something to help with reach, try out the Signature Series Solo Seat that comes with a backrest and an ergonomic shape for that classic cruiser posture.

Wheels are a big part of how your Harley looks too, so you can make some slight changes here that will make a big impact on overall style. Some Fat X 5-Spoke wheels will give you a chrome chopper look, while a Solid Fat Boy® Rear Wheel heaps on that industrial feel.

Gas tanks provide an important accent that can make a difference in performance. A larger tank might be great if you don’t like stopping for gas, but smaller tanks are lighter and great for getting every ounce of speed out of your bike. Tanks often have decals that accent the overall look of a motorcycle, whether it be the Harley-Davidson name or a custom image that speaks to you.

Customization lies at the heart of the Harley-Davidson lifestyle. There’s no way to express individualism and freedom without individualized bikes and the freedom to change them up how you want to. Fortunately there are a ton of parts, accessories, and upgrade kits to help you personalize your Harley Sportster. For all the best and latest parts and service, head to Pfaff Harley-Davidson in Richmond Hill, Ontario, where we’re proud to serve Vaughan, Markham, Newmarket, and the greater Toronto Area. Come in today!