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Harley-Davidson® Softail History

Harley-Davidson is known for designing bikes that become instant classics. One of the best known examples of this is the Softail, a bike with classic cruiser styling and a unique hidden suspension design. Today, Harley-Davidson offers a broad range of models built on the Softail design, each one more exciting than the next. Designs range from the classic and timeless to the modern and unforgettable, but legendary Harley performance underwrites them all. True performance is something you have to experience for yourself, so don’t take our word for how far ahead of the pack the Softail line is. Stop by Pfaff Harley-Davidson in Richmond Hill. We’re located near Vaughan, Markham, and Toronto, Ontario, and you’ll be impressed by our excellent customers service as well as our selection of Harley-Davidson bikes.

Softail Models

Today, Harley offers seven unique bikes under the Softail umbrella, each of which offers something new. Most are built around the High Output Twin Cam 103B engine, meaning they have all the power you’ll need. They all offer tuned suspension, excellent performance, and unmistakable Harley-Davidson attitude.

Softail Slim

The more you ride, the more you’ll need a bike that fits your frame. For smaller riders, that means a bike with a seat that’s closer to the ground and handlebars that are closer in. The Softail Slim offers just that and more. You’ll also find a narrowed rear end that offers a slimmer bike profile. Maintaining peak Harley-Davidson performance, the Softail Slim uses the High Output Twin Cam 103B engine as well the hidden rear suspension.

Softail Slim S

The Softail Slim S takes the same narrow profile and lower seat setup but reimagines the whole bike as stripped down factory custom model. The design has little in the way of trim and decoration, and its blacked out styling will turn heads. The matte finishes are reminiscent of primer-coated custom choppers. And just like the most legendary custom bikes, the Softail Slim S also offers incredible power thanks to the Screamin’ Eagle Air-Cooled Twin Cam 110B engine.

Fat Boy

One of the most legendary bikes on the road is the Fat Boy, which has the bulk and power to lead the pack. This bike is a real bruiser thanks to its expanded rear end setup, wide wheels, and increased fuel tank size. Solid disc wheels also give this bike a unique look. Bringing the real power, though, is the the High Output Twin Cam 103B engine. It’s an old school muscle bike.

Fat Boy S

Like the Fat Boy, the Fat Boy S is an old-school muscle bike. But the Fat Boy S takes things even further. The engine is one of the main upgrades, and the Screamin’ Eagle Air-Cooled Twin Cam 110B engine takes things to new heights. Like the Softail Slim S, the Fat Boy S takes on a blacked out style. You won’t find tacky decoration on this bike. It’s chopped fenders and minimal trim gives it a raw and aggressive attitude.

Heritage Softail Classic

The Heritage Softail Classic the right bike for those who appreciate a more nostalgic take on motorcycle design. The bike offers excellent features for cruising and touring, from the windscreen and saddlebags to the two-up seat which gives you the ability to bring along some company for your long trip on the road. Wire spoke wheels, white wall tires, and wrapped fenders set this bike’s looks firmly in the early days of motorcycle touring.

Softail Deluxe

Taking a similar path as the Heritage SOftail Classic is the Softail Deluxe. This cruiser looks great cutting up the city streets or soaring down rolling country roads. It’s a perfect weekend trip bike and it even has a cargo rack so you can bring along your luggage. The special three light headlight arrangement commands a unique appeal. This bike strikes a special balance of style and performance.


You won’t find a bike with more style per inch than the Breakout. It’s modern, urbanized style looks great rolling down wide boulevards at sunset, ready to find the party. The wheels are big, turbine-style bruisers that form the base of the bike’s appeal. Up top, you’ll find finishes that range from custom paint to chrome to matte black finishing. It all works together to form an unforgettable look.