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Buying a Harley-Davidson®

Outside of Harley-Davidson®, you don’t find many other manufacturers whose customers have such a strong sense of brand loyalty. There’s simply something about these bikes that appeals to just about every rider, because once you ride a Harley®, you won’t want to ride any other bike again. But what specifically about these motorcycles makes them so special? Sure they give you that cherished sense of freedom and independence, and those are great qualities, but what tangible characteristics actually set a Harley® apart from the rest? With this guide from Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, we’d like to tell you the exact reasons you should consider making one of these hogs your next bike, so read on and then come check out our inventory. We’ve got a great selection of motorcycles, especially ones from the CVO™ Family, at our dealership in Richmond Hill, Ontario near Toronto and Markham.

Heavier is Better

In any motorcycle, practical functionality wins out over any other features. Since Harley-Davidson®s are notorious for having a little extra meat on their bones, the performance implications of having a heavier frame are important to consider. Of course, Harley® has plenty of lighter, sportier lineups, but when you’re electing for a CVO™ or maybe a touring model, you’ll see serious advantages to riding something that’s heavier than the competition. First of all, extra weight means extra stability. That means wind, gusts from cars, and other interferences won’t affect you nearly as much while riding at high speeds. Also, cornering gets a lot easier when you have more weight to rely on, so learning how to take turns at faster speeds is much safer and smooth when you ride a Harley®

Enormous Engines

Generally, you might think that extra mass would weigh a vehicle down. However, Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are renowned for huge motors, and the Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 V-Twin engines are no exception. These monstrous components feature on every new CVO™ and many other 2017 models, and they’re noteworthy for how much power and torque they deliver to the pavement. You can trust that, since they’re designed to push a large vehicle down the road, they consistently deliver all the performance you need for more intense riding. Not to mention, a bigger motor means even more weight, which translates once again to increased stability and control.


Harley-Davidson® bikes are constructed by only the best engineers out there, and these crafty workers know how to build parts that last. Each component is extremely reliable, but everything’s also very affordable to replace. You can also have the engine’s rebuilt without digging too deep into your pocket, which means that a Harley® can be ridden for decades! Few other vehicles boast such a claim to longevity, and if you’re looking for a great value that can virtually last a lifetime, there’s no better choice than a Harley-Davidson®.

Easy to Find Support

Finally, when your Harley® actually does need work (which is rare), you have one of the best support communities you’ll ever find. Few motorcycle’s have so many dealerships all over North America with technicians trained specifically for their brand. That means, no matter where you live, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a Harley-Davidson® dealership within a few miles of where you live. If you live close to Toronto, our service department is here to serve you whenever you need some repairs that you can trust. But even if you move away, there’ll always be a Harley® dealership ready to serve you.

After reading this, it’s clear that plenty of aspects make a Harley-Davidson® motorcycles special. Their stability, engines, and maintainability are superior to just about any other brand, so for new and veteran riders, there’s no better choice than one of these hogs! Come test ride one today here at Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, where we proudly serve customers from Vaughan and Newmarket, ON.