LiveWire ONE Review

At Pfaff Harley-Davidson, we want to introduce Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan, Ontario, riders to this new motorcycle—the electric motorbike made for urban adventure. Read this review and find out how the LiveWire ONE can electrify your ride.

Aggressive Riding Position

Mid-Mount Foot Controls

Passenger Seat

H-D® Connect Compatible

Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems

Put Range Anxiety in the Rearview Mirror

Charging stations abound in Ontario—and that’s good news for LiveWire ONE riders. Even better news? For urban riders, this bike’s drive to go the distance is sure to put range anxiety to rest. Here’s how far you can expect to go between charges:  

  • 235 km (146 miles) city range
  • 113 km (70 miles) highway range
  • 153 km (95 miles) combined stop-and-go range

With up to 235 kilometres of range, you can crisscross the city and travel well beyond the urban grid. When it’s time to charge up, you’ll be ready. You can charge to 100% in 60 minutes at any public Level 3 DC Fast Charge station.

With modern technology, you can even check your battery charge status from your smartphone. H-D® Connect service connects to your LiveWire ONE through your smartphone with the latest version of the Harley-Davidson app. This way, you won’t find yourself caught unawares.

H-D Revelation™ for Instant Acceleration

Unlike a typical motorcycle, the electric LiveWire ONE doesn’t run on an engine. Instead, a permanent magnet electric motor provides the power. This H-D Revelation™ powertrain can produce 100% of its rated torque instantly, so acceleration is sure to be fast.

Let’s look closer at the LiveWire ONE performance specs:

  • Electric Motor Torque: 116 Nm (84 lb-ft)
  • Horsepower: 105 HP / 78 kW
  • Lean Angle (Left, Right): 45°, 45°

Interestingly, this bike has a heartbeat. Yes, the LiveWire ONE goes beyond the old sounds and sensations of combustion with a haptic pulse from the powertrain. Choose from three settings and watch as the ONE comes alive—you’ll feel it from the saddle.

A Ride Mode for the Rain & so Much More

Seven selectable Ride Modes will make your every adventure more thrilling. These modes electronically control the performance characteristics of the LiveWire ONE, plus the level of Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) intervention. Four modes come pre-programmed:

  • Sport
  • Road
  • Range
  • Rain

Meanwhile, the remaining three modes can be customized by the rider. You can set the parameters of available Power, Throttle, and Regenerative Braking in 1% increments, so you have three custom modes and the freedom to choose how your LiveWire ONE performs.


Quiet but never silent sounds like a good description of this electric motorcycle. If you want to join your fellow Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan, ON, riders and see what else this bike can bring to your rides, contact us at Pfaff Harley-Davidson to see when you can test ride the LiveWire ONE.

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