Harley-Davidson® Softail Slim® Motorcycle


Harley-Davidson Softail Slim® Motorcycle
Harking back to the historical significance of the bobber, the look and feel of this post-WWII era aesthetic run strong in the latest Softail Slim® model. Obtain this much-sought-after motorcycle now on offer at Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, conveniently located in the Vaughan area.


Shed the superfluous parts of a bike, and you’ve got yourself a bobber. This model offers the classic look of spoked wheels, chopped mudguards, and footboards, with the latest in the lineup offering a bike that is 35 pounds lighter than the last, with a greater lean angle, and handling capabilities. Harley-Davidson® is the world-class motorcycle brand, as it leads the way in creating some of the most classic designs and sought-after motorcycles. 

When Harley first designed and created the Softail® in the 1980s, a bike styled as a classic cruiser with a unique hidden suspension, it instantly gained a cult following. Today, this innovative brand has based many a new model on this stellar blueprint. From classic and enduring, to contemporary and bold, Harley-Davidson® original engineering is always bringing together superior functionality and daring designs to create the best bikes on the market. 

Expect nothing less from the Softail Slim®.


The Softail Slim® is a great model for smaller riders. A seat that is closer to the ground, and handlebars that are closer in, with the narrowed rear end and overall slimmer bike profile, making this bike a perfect fit for smaller frames. A lighter body and slender design do not mean compromising on power in any way, as Harley-Davidson® outfits this amazing motorcycle with the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine.

The nature of the bobber allows you to have full control over the customization of this bike. Make a statement every time you hit the road with an array of colour choices to suit your personal preferences: Billiard Blue, Black Denim, Bonneville Salt Denim, Industrial Gray, Rugged Gold Denim, Vivid Black, and Wicked Red Denim. With limitless possibilities of souping up and styling your new ride, you can create and ride a physical extension of your personality. 

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The latest in the Softail® lineup offers tuned suspension, excellent performance, and unmistakable Harley-Davidson® attitude intertwined with your own personality. Vaughan residents interested in acquiring their very own Softail Slim® should visit us here at Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, as we are only a short distance away!

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