Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Comparisons

Pfaff Harley-Davidson’s motorcycle comparison guide is built to help you find the right bike. You’ve probably come across quite a few of them that you can see yourself riding. Which one will you be sitting on? 

Get ready to find out because we’ve put together a comprehensive comparison library. No need to rush—hit the brakes, put down the kickstand, and take time to do your research. It’s the only way you’ll find the right bike for the ride in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Markham, Ontario.  

Compare Motorcycle Specs Side by Side

What do you want before you choose your motorcycle? You want an in-depth analysis of every aspect of the bikes you will potentially ride. Our comparisons let you see the specs side by side, so you can really decide which motorcycle serves your interests best. 

Compare popular Harley-Davidson models against their closest competitors (including other Harley-Davidson bikes) and see which one comes out on top. We look carefully at the categories you care about most, including:

  • Performance 
  • Chassis
  • Dimensions
  • Infotainment
  • Style

What Is the Best Model from Harley-Davidson?

That all depends on what kind of rider you are. Harley-Davidson manufactures a wide range of motorcycles for all sorts of riding situations. They have sport bikes and cruisers, as well as adventure touring motorcycles for those who really can go the extra mile.

There are so many icons in the Harley-Davidson lineup. The Road Glide, Street Glide, and popular Pan America are just a few that may merit a closer look. Be sure to consider what you need from a bike before you choose your own. 

Some Harley-Davidson models may seem very similar, but we’ll help you spot the smallest differences in our comparisons.

What Is the Best Motorcycle Brand?

We’ll leave that up to you to decide. While we favour Harley-Davidson motorcycles for their distinct sound, their custom attitude and ride, and their pure American performance, our comparisons are designed to let you draw your own conclusions. 

We always evaluate with an even hand. We also use easy-to-understand language that keeps motorcycle jargon at a minimum. Anyone—even someone new to the exciting world of motorcycles—should be able to read our comparisons and make sense of it all.

Will you discover a love for Harley-Davidson, or will you opt for a bike from one of the many respected competitors? You’ll have to read to find out. 

Continue Your Motorcycle Research

At Pfaff Harley-Davidson, we’re excited to show you some of the coolest motorcycles around. Could one of them be right for your Richmond Hill, Vaughan, or Markham, ON, ride?

Take the next step in your research with our motorcycle comparisons. If you decide you prefer a Harley-Davidson, you can finish up with a test ride. Get ready to feel the Pfaff Difference firsthand and simplify your shopping experience. 


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