Features Of The Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight®


Features Of The Harley-Davidson Forty-EightⓇ

Looking for a motorcycle that stands out from the pack, leading the way in power, performance, and handling capabilities? If so, then we at Pfaff Harley-DavidsonⓇ have the perfect bike model for you! Vaughan residents can find the Forty-EightⓇ at our local dealership, as we bring the best of this elite brand to the local area. Keep reading as we delve into the exciting features of the Harley-DavidsonⓇ Forty-EightⓇ below! 

Powerful Performance

The revitalized Forty-EightⓇ comes equipped with the iconic 1200cc air-cooled, EvolutionⓇ engine, known for producing massive low-end torque at 99 nm, possessing a thrill-inducing, body-vibrating sound. This HarleyⓇ engine offers drivers air-cooling efficiency as the lightweight, aluminum heads and cylinders provide unrivalled flow, packing a powerful punch with every ride. 

Muscular Stance 

Don’t just look the part, but obtain the whole package. Make a statement when you roll up to your destination with the pronounced heavy-hitting front fat MT90 tire of the Forty-EightⓇ leading the way, outfitted with black hardcore rims, and built with lightweight cast aluminum, for added presence. Take command of the road in this HarleyⓇ model, and glide down any Canadian highway feeling secure in your muscular bike’s capabilities. 

Smooth Ride

Thanks to the Forty-EightⓇ’s Emulsion rear shock, equipped with a screw preload adjuster, say goodbye to bumpy rides, as the expert engineering of this world-renowned motorcycle brand brings a gracefulness to the road unlike anything felt before. The performance capabilities aren’t the only thing that will stop you in your tracks, as this model comes equipped with the brand’s Foundation brake system for instant braking power when you need it most. 

Endless Possibilities

Whether referencing the limitless styling potential or this HarleyⓇ’s infinite road potential, the Forty-EightⓇ offers drivers endless possibilities for adventure and personal customization options. Outfit your motorcycle to fit your driving style and riding needs for a completely capable and wholly unique Harley-DavidsonⓇ. With six stunning paint finishes to choose from, your colour options are just the beginning. 

Secure One Today

With the stand-out features of the Harley-DavidsonⓇ Forty-EightⓇ fresh in your mind, now is the time to visit us at the Pfaff Harley-DavidsonⓇ dealership to test drive this muscular yet agile motorcycle for yourself! Our facility is locally situated at 8885 Jane St, in the Vaughan area for easy access to residential motorcycle enthusiasts and HarleyⓇ lovers alike! 

Please feel free to continue to browse our website at your leisure, or click here to find our contact information online, and fill out our contact form to learn more about this exciting new model, or schedule that test drive today.