Benefits of building a custom Harley-Davidson® motorcycle

Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts may consider a custom bike build as the ultimate DIY project. But it’s a lot of work, time and money to build a brand new motorcycle and without the right preparations you’re sure to run into even more issues than expected. At Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, we have all the parts and accessories you need for your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle custom build. We encourage all of our Vaughan residents to check out our website or come in and visit our parts and service department. If you are wondering about the benefits of embarking on  your own custom Harley-Davidson® build, then continue reading this article.

Give yourself some time

Building a custom Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is no small task. Do-It-Yourself doesn’t just mean the bike build, it includes every aspect of the project including ordering, measuring, installation, finding the right people to do specialty work on it and so much more. You could spend tons of hours just researching different custom parts to get. So give yourself a lot of time.

Follow who you shop with

Yes, eBay has a great selection of motorcycle parts but that doesn’t mean you want to leave it up to the random searches on the site. Let’s say you find a great deal on a frame and set of wheels you like from the same store on eBay. Visit our dealership and speak to a parts and service representative about what we sell, not only to get good prices on other things, but because you like their products and service and that goes a long way when doing a custom build. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions 

Even the most experienced Harley builders can have questions and if you don’t ask, you're setting yourself up to make mistakes. Our Pfaff Harley-Davidson® staff is here to assist you with all of your inquiries. 

Keep records 

You finished your bike and are ready to ride it, sell it or do whatever you want. That’s great, but don’t forget to keep all the information you've collected during the build. Keep the pictures stored along with all your notes and paperwork so there's a record of how long it took, how much was spent and so on. If parts need replacing down the road you have all the sizes, where they were bought and anything else you might need.

Building a custom Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is easy with Pfaff Harley-Davidson® on your side. Feel free to ask us any questions you need during your motorcycle build! We’re here to help! Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative.