Need some new treads this summer? Then, get a grip of this deal!

Receive a $100 gift certificate when you purchase a set of Harley-Davidson® tires with installation at Pfaff Harley-Davidson®.  ($75 for purchasing front and rear tires without installation or $35 for one tire).



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Front and Rear
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Please complete a form at the bottom of the page with the tire model and brand you are interested in and a representative will reach out to you to confirm if the tire is the proper fit for your motorcycle and riding style.

 Must purchase the tires during the month of May 2019 and, if installing, must be booked and installed before June 30, 2019. Gift Certificate has no cash value and cannot be redeemed on the tire purchase/install invoice.

Fact: On average, motorcycle tires will last 10,000km - 20,000km but will vary depending on model and riding style.

Dunlop® - Harley-Davidson® Tires

Tire Model



D407/ D407T/ D408 Touring
  • Feature Bold Harley-Davidson script on the sidewall

  • MT Multi-Thread rear tire incorporates a tough tread compound in the center that runs cooler to provide stability, excellent traction under braking and long life and to each side is a section of lateral-grip compound that enhances traction at higher lean angles for great grip while cornering.

  • Reinforced multilayer tire carcass gives the tire strength for long life and provides stability at highway speeds and maximum lean angles.

  • Bold angled lateral grooves in the tread pattern evacuate water from the contact patch on wet roads.

  • D407/ D408 is available in Blackwall, Slim White and Wide-White Widewall styles
  • D407T is only available in Blackwall style
D402 Touring
  • Built with three-ply polyester casing with two fiberglass belts.

  • Offers greater load-carrying capacity and stability.

  • Computer-optimized tread profile with the offset center groove improves rider confidence over rain grooves and steel-grated bridges, while reducing cupping for even wear.

  • Available in Blackwall, Slim Whitewall, Wide Whitewall and Engraved Wide Whitewall
D401/ D401T Cruising
  • An advanced tread pattern and specifically formulated compound deliver outstanding grip in wet or dry weather and provide long tire life.

  • Use bias or bias-belted construction and incorporate a computer-optimized tread profile to reduce cupping for even wear.

  • Available in Blackwall and Wide Whitewall
GT502 Performance
  • Featuring an optimized profile, contact patch and compound for superior grip in dry conditions, with solid grip during wet weather riding conditions.

  • Available in Blackwall
Signature Series
  • Packed with features for responsive handling and confident cornering to tighten the connection between you and the road.

  • Available in Blackwall

Michelin® - Harley-Davidson® Tires

Tire Model



Scorcher 11 / Scorcher 31
  • Features an exceptional combination of durability, comfort and handling

  • Rear tire architecture: Provides stability, great handling, plus comfort

  • 3 Polyester Carcass Plies: Strong and supple casing for comfort on long rides

  • 2 Aramis Belt Plies: Maintains consistent contact patch for a long and even wear life.
  •  Blackwall
Scorcher 31
  • Remarkable grip: Innovative rubber compounds, incorporating know-how derived from Michelin's decades of road-racing experience, provide remarkable grip on both wet and dry roads.

  • Exceptional comfort and handling: The supple casing design and profile promote rock-solid handling on winding roads.

  • Long Mileage: Carbon black-enriched rubber compounds promote excellent durability without compromising performance.
  • Blackwall
Scorcher 11
  • Outstanding Grip: Semi-slick tread pattern maximizes the contact patch for excellent adhesion on dry roads. Optimized tread groove design efficiently evacuates water for dependable wet grip.

  • Excellent Tread Life: Derived from championship-winning race tire, newly developed compounds combine durability and high performance

  • Precise Handling: The latest generation of radial technology allows for easy maneuverability and impressive agility.
  • Blackwall
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