Should I buy a Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® Motorcycle in Vaughan?

Enter the wonderful world of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, where the brand’s newest collection of models, including a hot rod style-inspired Freewheeler® motorcycle, are oozing with serious attitude. Riding one of these bad-boys, and especially the trike, has never been cooler. Are you looking for answers about whether you should buy a Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® motorcycle in Vaughan? Then Pfaff Harley-Davidson® has the answers you are looking for! In this article by Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, we will be talking about why you should consider a Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® motorcycle for your next trike! Read more.


The Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® Motorcycle for Residents in Vaughan

The Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® motorcycle has been around for precisely twenty-eight years now. It gained popularity when it was showcased in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous movie, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Since then, the Fat Boy® motorcycle has been associated with the movie franchise and Arnie. Fortunately, though, while the age-old imagery has stuck with the Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® motorcycle, the motorcycle itself has evolved in spades. The Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® motorcycle is available for residents in Vaughan, and we encourage all of our customers to schedule a test drive at their earliest convenience. In this article by Pfaff Harley-Davidson®, we will be talking about why you should consider the Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® motorcycle for your next bike purchase! Read more.


Buy a Harley-Davidson® Road King® Motorcycle in Vaughan 

There’s no doubt that you’ve at least heard of the Road King® motorcycleone of the most profound motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson®. This is a bike that was initially made famous with many of its features back in the 1960s and the most modern version still holds true to those classic lines. That fact, coupled with all of the features that are available on this bike, easily make it one of the favorites for dedicated Harley-Davidson® fans and new motorcycle riders alike. Are you wanting to buy a Harley-Davidson® Road King® motorcycle in Vaughan, but you are looking for more information about the features? Then you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look. Read more. 


Buy a Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® Motorcycle in Vaughan 

Purists, rejoice. It's not often that tradition takes precedence over evolution when it comes to motorcycle updates, but that seems to be the case with the latest incarnation of the Harley-Davidson® classic Forty-Eight® motorcycle. A minor suspension tweak, more comfortable seat, lighter wheels and better brakes make up the scope of change for the Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® motorcycle for 2019. If you are looking for where to by a Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® motorcycle in the Vaughan area, then our Pfaff Harley-Davidson® dealership is the place for you. In this article, we will be going over some of the features of the Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® motorcycle in Vaughan. Read more.